Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Diango Hernández in the Tate

One of the pieces that really made me think about the way i deal with certain ideas was Diango Hernández; i was really interested in the visuals of Hernández's work and found myself wanting more context and understanding of the piece, but just couldn't seem to get an explanation that satisfied me, the little written explanations didn't give me enough information and i just couldn't seem to find a way into the work. That lack of access past the visuals really made me think about pieces i had made and the whole idea of context, how much should you spell out to the viewer? i personally felt that my lack of context made the piece less than it could have been for me. i lost much of my initial interest because i just couldn't get to grips with the peice. its made me address elements of my work that are similar to Hernández's "more emotional end of touched, recreating notions of homesickness in dreamlike landscapes" its made me think about how much i include in the visuals of my work and how much information i allow the viewers to access.

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