Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Tala Madani mural on the Gable end 24 Fleet Street


I think this piece is one of the ones that made me think the most about the publication and consumption of my work, i personally found the piece curious and interesting in a visual innuendo/double entendre kind of way, but the reception from the majority of the group got me thinking about how i would have received it it if i hadn't been herded around and told it was 'fine art', it probably would have made me laugh, think about it for a few moments whilst i walked past it and the tell my friends to go and see the big painting on the end of the building outside Envi, not the most life changing experience, but at the same I'm really fond of the piece. But at the same time it really made me think about the consumption of my art, how i would want it received. i really liked the fact the mural hadn't been confined to a gallery, that even if you weren't a little intimidated by the building, you would at least have to go out of your way to see - the idea that it was big enough and in a relatively conspicuous enough place for a whole load of different people to see. its really made me want to use something similarly public and easily accessible if a lot smaller in scale for my piece; But at the same time my work is a million miles away from Madani's fleeting innuendo. my work centers around appropriated memories and my attempt to create objects that are familiar and vague enough for people to evoke and transpose their own memories, and is currently shaping up to be an installation based piece; Yet at the same time theres something about the nature of Madani's mural, the way you can perceive it how you want without all the conventions of showing in galleries, the consumption in a way is quite personal, it could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. and theres something in that idea of people consuming 'as they will' that i find really interesting and something i would like to try with my work, albeit a strain running from the main installation hub of the piece.

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