Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sachiko Abe:
I'm not sure why, but as i look back on the Sachiko Abe piece, I'm slowly falling out of love with it. initially i really enjoyed the piece because of how visually impressive it all was. i think the magic of it all wears off a little when after a period of time. as an installation piece it was incredibly effective, the way she used static objects and performance, combined with the audio of her scissors cutting the paper. it was an all encompassing experience, that in the moment was incredible. but for some reason the longer its been since i actually experienced it all the less enamoured i am with it. 
I think the Abe piece was successful because of the initial visuals your confronted with as you walk into the room, its initially really impressive, the sheer amount of paper and the way she cuts it so fine and carefully are really impressive on both a visual and technical level. i think the other element of its success was the venue, it enabled the fairytale connotations, an element which i think was really important to the wow factor - something I'm not really sure had massive links to the practice of her 'paper cutting' and I'm assuming was just more of a response to the A Foundation room.  i did however find it bizarre how she used what i interpreted to be a coping mechanism, a massive paper cutting doodle. an act in itself which to me implies something quite personal, but at the same time she had turned it into a performance/endurance piece, the two to me seem to be quite conflicting.


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