Monday, 6 December 2010

My Work - Cross Stitiching

After looking at certain works by Hans Op De Beek and Ewan Gibbs, I became increasingly interested in the idea of vague familiarity and memory. The photos and postcards were so stereotypical in some ways that even though I didn’t know who these people are in the holiday photos, postcards and greetings cards. There is something integrally familiar that I can relate to, they trigger memories of my own, there was something fascinating in that idea of memory being something deeply personal and unique, but equally universal at the same time. The blurred photographs have a precarious value in the way that they have the ambiguity of being lost memories, belonging to no one, but at the same time, the ability of triggering off any number of people’s memories of their own.
I chose to deal with the physicality of this element of my project within the idea of cross stitch for several reasons, there was an initial simple word play on the idea of woolly images, and I loved that idea of blurred indistinct connections to the people and places. I also really like the ideas behind the process of converting an image into cross stitch; it’s like physically detaching myself from the original image, through the process of photocopying/enlarging the original to gridding it off and converting an image into writing, and converting the writing back into an image. That process of distancing the cross stitch from the original image reflected my feelings of being distanced from the people and places in the objects – I wanted the viewer to hopefully get the removed and blurred feeling and at the same time a level of curiosity of how the image has been constructed.
these are two of the images Ive managed to produce, the only down side with the concept of crosstitching is the ridiculous amount of time they take to produce. and honestly after doing these two I'm ready to go on to something a little less intensive.

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